A&K Plumbing takes the view that every project is a kind of partnership between us and the client. Whether your development is a high end luxury project where quality and finish is of the utmost importance, or you're developing low cost housing where the job needs to be done well but you also need to keeps costs at bay, we have the skills and expertise to firstly understand exactly what it is you need to achieve. We then set about problem solving exactly how to save you time and money and achieve the desired result.

Save Time & Money

Want to see if you can save money on a project? Ask us and we'll show you how. A&K Plumbing have years of experience thinking outside the square dealing with difficult and challenging situations and will always find a way to complete the task at hand with accuracy, efficiency and lateral thinking that will ultimately save you time and money.

Excellent Workmanship

Our attention to detail and finish is impeccable. Our clients come back to us time and time again because they know they can rely on us for quality work and attention to detail.

Sound Advice

A&K Plumbing believes that every client relationship is important, so we go out of our way to assess each individual project and advise our clients on how they can maximise efficiency. We'll advise how to save money where possible by cutting down on unnecessary items or making slight variations that can dramatically reduce the overall cost and increase efficiency for short term and long term gains. Best of all, this is part of the A&K Plumbing commitment to excellence and doesn't cost a cent extra.

OH&S Policy Compliance

A&K Plumbing places high value on it's workplace procedure that ensure the highest level of safety for all of it's staff when on the job. We don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to the quality of our workmanship or the safety of the tradesmen that deliver this outstanding quality. Our customers know that when our team is on the job, they work safely and efficiently.

For more information about our OH&S compliance, please click here or contact us directly for a copy.

Warranty & Maintenance

All projects undertaken by A&K Plumbing Pty Ltd are backed by a minimum of 12 months maintenance and warranty period which a select group of qualified tradesmen carry out.

A&K Plumbing Pty Ltd also offer a full-time maintenance plan for body corporate companies. Please contact us for more information.

We are a preferred choice by many clients because we provide the following...

  • Open communication
  • Ability to fully understand a client's individual project requirements
  • Attention to detail
  • High level workmanship
  • Service & workmanship integrity
  • Extreme reliability in all areas from quoting to scheduling and workmanship
  • Expert advise that will save you time and money
  • Development background
  • Cater for direct developers as well as builders